Why Research Potential Employer

When you consider taking a new job, part of the job seeking process is for you to gather information about your potential employer.

Many people neglect to do this, and it’s a huge mistake that can cost you…from getting the job you want or getting a job that turns out to be what you didn’t want.

People overlook researching the company, seeing it as a nice-to-do step or as unnecessary homework. Well, it’s not either one of those.

Here are five important reasons why you should research the company you want to work for before you go in for that interview:

1. Interviewers will know if you’ve done your homework.

When you know about a company, you’ll ask intelligent and relevant questions.
You’ll respond thoughtfully to the interviewer’s questions, and you won’t ask questions easily answered by doing your homework.

In other words, you can shine in your interview…or you can show them that you don’t have time to be prepared or care about such details.

2. Is the company solvent and stable?

What do the company’s finances look like? Have there been layoffs? How many?

Are you sure the company will be around in a year or two and able to pay you or will you be looking for another job again?

You want to work for a company that’s financially solvent and growing. These are important details you can get by doing a little research.

Look for annual reports and other company literature that gives you a big picture of the company’s profits over the last few years, development opportunities and future goals in the industry or market.

3. How does the company want to be seen and experienced by the world?

Are there any news stories about the company?

You may want to search the name in Associated Press or Google News.

Positive press is worth noting during your interview.

It’s not only impressive to the interviewer, it demonstrates your curiosity and ability to conduct relevant research.

And don’t forget to check the Better Business Bureau. Is this company free of consumer complaints, and if not, how do they resolve such issues?

Knowing this information helps you figure out if this is the kind of company you want to work for.

4. You’ll know if you are a fit for this company.

What do you value? Is it important to you that your job reflect those values?
Are you the type of individual who blends work and home life? Does the company support that?

Perhaps you seek advancement and thrive on challenges. Does the company offer those opportunities?

Doing a little research gives your insight into the type of organization the company is and whether you’d feel challenged and excited working there.

5. You’ll know if the company is right for you.

Knowing whether a company is right for you is as important as knowing whether you are a good fit for the company.

Have you ever gotten a job only to discover you feel uncomfortable or unhappy working there?

Perhaps you discovered the organization focuses solely on business results and doesn’t tolerate fraternization during office hours.

That kind of office environment can feel oppressive to an outgoing, social extrovert.

Or perhaps you value volunteerism or ecological/social responsibility.

You can find information about company culture and social responsibility by looking at their mission statement, vision and values.

Read their website and pay attention to the tone of the words as well as the words themselves.

It will give you an idea of what the company values and help you determine if the fit is a mutually beneficial one.