How to Find a Job Quickly

Chances are pretty good you’ve been job hunting before, or if not, you’re just beginning your job hunt.

However, with the state of the economy – worldwide – it’s important you learn how to find a job quickly.

Here are 3 great tips that will help you find a job quickly in a tough market or even a recession:

Tip 1: Demonstrate Value

What is value? Value is what the employer gets for hiring you. During a job interview the employer will be asking himself/herself:

  • What’s in it for me?
  • Why should I hire you instead of somebody else?
  • Can you prove that you are what the company wants?
  • What can YOU DO for my company?

Remember, to ALWAYS ask not what the company can do for you, ask what YOU can DO for the company.

Can you provide value? That’s the ultimate question. If you can answer that, you’re more than likely to get the job. The employer must see value in you, and he must see your ability to fit into that job position. The more value he sees in you, the better for you.

It’s like a jigsaw. Your value must fit his needs.

So how do you demonstrate value?

1. Write an excellent resume, first. See great sample resumes at .
2. Research the job and the company. Find out more information about the company. That will help you answer questions correctly and ask the right questions too.
Check their web site (if they have one), search about the company in the search engines, check the job description so you know exactly what you’re applying for or get a brochure about the company.
Also, if you know somebody who works there, ask them about the company.
3. Prepare for the interview. Dress well, be on time, smile, be confident. Remember, if you’ve been asked to an interview, it means they are interested in you – prove that their interest in you is well worth it!

Tip 2: Network

Networking is meeting people through other people and sharing information. Why is networking so important for your job search?
Well think about this:

  • Many jobs are found through other people, by people telling their friends or colleagues etc
  • You can get a lot of great contacts from just one person – including companies who are desperate for people!
  • Many companies are willing to pay current employees to refer someone to their company – that person might just be you!
  • Just knowing 5 people who know 5 other people gets you in contact with 25 other people – that’s the power of networking!

Now remember, when it comes to networking, it’s not about the number of relationships or contacts, but the quality of relationships or contacts.
So, develop professional networks through:

  • Trusted and responsible friends
  • Former classmates, especially those who work for companies you’d like to work for and who are more than likely to have good networks
  • Relatives, especially those in influential positions, people in influential positions are always well connected

Remember, sometimes WHO you know matters more than what you know.

Tip 3: Prepare to Get Hired

Success coaches say that success is 90% mental. That means if you think you will get hired, and believe you will get hired, you are more than likely to get hired.

A success coach once said, “What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” Think about getting hired (think about it all the time) and you will get hired.

Then here is the other 10%: Action. Work hard to get hired. Apply to many places. Have a voicemail box in case an employer can’t reach you they can leave you a message.

Then here are 5 more tips to getting that job:

  • Send your resume early (especially if you got the information through your networking). You could be 1of 4 or 5 other “known people.”
  • Send a cover letter with your resume
  • Dress for the job
  • Prepare for the interview and don’t be late
  • Don’t lie. Lying on your resume or in your job interviews is bad for you and can be very bad for your network contacts. It can cost you a friendship.